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1 - Fill out and Submit the Vendor Request Form in step 1

2 - Send your payment in step 2

Receive 2 Full Passes to NYEKKF

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- Commercial Booth: $150 + Tax. Early bird (paid on or before August 1st, or $200 + Tax thereafter). Vendors tables are 10X4 with 1 Table and 2 chairs provided.


- Non-Profit Booth: $100 + Tax Early bird (paid on or before August 1st, or $150 + Tax thereafter). Vendors tables are 10X4 with 1 Table and 2 chairs provided. (Must submit 501c(3) with application).


Additional Rental Items

Table $20 each

Chair $10 each

Electricity (110v/15A) $100.00



What is included?

Vendor/Exhibitor packet comes with 2 event full passes

Freestanding banner display space

Social media promotions and stage recognition

Access to all 3-day event

Access to all theme parties

Access to all social dancing

Access to all shows and performances


* Vendor/exhibitor setup will be from 7:00 AM until 10:00 AM on the first day of the event. 

** Please note you may need to carry your materials or merchandise up to 1000 feet from the designated drop off area, without any assistance of festival or venue’s staff. 

*** Be prepared to show proof of general liability insurance.



Food Vendors have a different procedure.

Please contact us immediately.

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Escape the harsh Winter and join us in SUNNY Phoenix, Arizona for the annual New Year's Eve Kizomba Kultura Festival (NYEKKF).

Cidade Productions is honored and super excited to officially invite you to experience the welcoming world of one of the fastest-growing African dances and start the New Year in style.

We are proud of the unique family atmosphere we have created, where Queens and Kings (you) are celebrated, moments are cherished, dance skills are improved, connections are enhanced, delicious cuisine units us, elegance is beauty and cultures are exemplified.

This is a FULL PASS ONLY event and everyone has a genuine interest in being completely present to fully experience a new tradition of respect, fun and everlasting memories.

This event features today's best international and national Artist, DJs and Entertainers in Kizomba, Passada, Semba, Coladeira, Zouk, Kompa and Afro-Beats, gathered to share cultural knowledge, world-class dance workshops, amazing social dancing, entertaining pool parties and more.

If you love Kizomba, you don't want to miss this event!

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