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Simply complete steps 1 and 2 ($25 fee applies)
1 - Provide your information and the new recipient's information 
2 - Purchase/Pay your pass transfer fee

*** Last day for online pass transfer is December 15th
Any pass transfer after that date needs to be done at the event's registration desk
Ensure you have a valid Pass before paying some random online person. Scammers are out-there selling fake passes.
Call us at 520-222-7050 to verify the Pass owner before paying some random online person
*** We will send a new E-ticket to the new recipient within 48 hours after completing steps 1 and 2
Step 1
Enter the information as it needs to appear on the pass

Thanks! Message sent.

Step 2

Once this option expires, 
pass transfers must be done at the registration desk at the event.
Before purchasing/transferring pass from some random online person, request to see their Paypal transaction and Eventbrite receipt.  

Spammers are out-there


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