Dec 31st, 8 PM - 10 PM

The African Cuisine Dinner Gala is where we all come together as one big family to learn about the many cultures of Africa, enjoy a delicious dinner from various regions of Africa, cooked by featured guest instructors and staff members, and great entertainment from featured Artists.

During this event, we will also select a random Afro-Caribbean Hero and brighten his/her legacy as a reference and motivation of our place in life. We are open to suggestions and Hero submission via our facebook poll and email to 



8 PM - Welcome message from the event Master of Ceremony
8:30 PM - Dinner serving
9:25 PM - Our featured African Hero legacy
9: 30 PM - Mr. and Mrs. Kultura casual runway (Win Prizes)
9: 45 PM - Performances
10 PM - Red Carpet Photography
Buffet Style serving

Pastel (with either chicken and vegan options)
Main Course
Cape Verdean Catchupa (with either chicken or vegan options)
Senegalese Tchebu Djeun (with either chicken or vegan options)
Angolan Fufu (with either chicken or vegan options)
Peanut Butter Soup Turkey
Homemade Cake (Vegan-Friendly)

Cape Verdean Grogu
Senegalese Ataya
Featured Hotel Wine Collection
Sparkling Apple Cider
Water & Fruit Juices

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Escape the harsh Winter and join us in SUNNY Phoenix, Arizona for the annual New Year's Eve Kizomba Kultura Festival (NYEKKF).

Cidade Productions is honored and super excited to officially invite you to experience the welcoming world of one of the fastest-growing African dances and start the New Year in style.

We are proud of the unique family atmosphere we have created, where Queens and Kings (you) are celebrated, moments are cherished, dance skills are improved, connections are enhanced, delicious cuisine units us, elegance is beauty and cultures are exemplified.

This is a FULL PASS ONLY event and everyone has a genuine interest in being completely present to fully experience a new tradition of respect, fun and everlasting memories.

This event features today's best international and national Artist, DJs and Entertainers in Kizomba, Passada, Semba, Coladeira, Zouk, Kompa and Afro-Beats, gathered to share cultural knowledge, world-class dance workshops, amazing social dancing, entertaining pool parties and more.

If you love Kizomba, you don't want to miss this event!

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