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The New Year’s Eve Kizomba Kultura Festival has adopted the Gazelle as it totem spirit animal to exemplify our optimistic rise against adversity using talents that are inherent to us, Kizomba dancers. Gazelles embody both beauty and elegance while remaining a master of swift moves and exemplary land navigator. Rings a bell yet?

There are 91 species of Gazelles largely accounted for in Africa, with sub-species found throughout the Middle East, Eurasia and up for debate in the Americas. Gazelles are free-spirit animals, have never been tamed even though lived near humans for millions of years.

Gazelles are known for their endurance, agility, and wisdom. As the favorite of many predators, they do not pity themselves for their harsh life, instead, they live life to its fullest, even if it means facing their predators. Gazelles are naturally born ready for the world with an alert mind, a quick learner ability, a keen observant set of eyes, and unmatched coordination.  As a community, they protect and nurture their youngsters to develop and become what we all admire.

NYE Kizomba Kultura Festival is a community of beautiful, elegant, agile and wise dancers, admired and favored by many other dancers, living life to the fullest, while gratefully passing knowledge and traditions to next generation. We gather every New Year's Eve in the desert to celebrate, dance and welcome new additions to our family. We look forward to seeing you here

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