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Option 1, facebook
Option 2, download
From your Facebook account
Hover over your facebook profile image and select update image, add frame, then search for "NYE Kizomba Kultura"

Select your frame and click "use as profile image" or you can also select "change image" to chose a different photo

Download your frame
Right click on the png images below, save image as, to download and then create your own profile image.
NYE Kizomba Kultura Festival Staff  I am all in.png
NYE Kizomba Kultura Festival Staff  Going.png
NYE Kizomba Kultura Festival Staff  let's go.png
Going to NYEKKF - 8
Going to NYEKKF - 7
Going to NYEKKF - 6
Going to NYEKKF - 5
Going to NYEKKF - 4
Going to NYEKKF - 2
Going to NYEKKF - 3
Going to NYEKKF - 1
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