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How do I get my confirmation number for my booking?
Because you have booked through us to save money and time, the hotel is not going to have any visibility on your booking to issue you a tracking number, until we submit our master list to the hotel on December 6th. Thereafter, you should be able to call the Hotel directly and get your confirmation number from the Hotel as needed. Until then, your confirmation is your Paypal purchase.
How do I check-in at the Hotel?
Simply proceed to the Hotel's front desk and provide your name.
What type of room will I be getting?
If you have booked your stay through our Hotel + Pass Combo, you will receive a Double Bed Room unless you requested a Suite upgrade. If you have booked your stay through the hotel, it is likely you will get a Double Bed Room, however, we recommend contacting the Hotel to ensure you are getting exactly what you have in mind.
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