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Eddy Vents was born in Guinea-Bissau and raised in Portugal. Growing up part of the Palop Community Eddy always felt electrified by Kizomba.  

In 1998 he began his career as a promoter in Lisbon orchestrating parties which he continued after moving to London in October 2009.

Eddy’s immense love, passion, and knowledge of Kizomba was recognized by respected Kizomba teacher Norma Facey and Eddy humbly credits her for starting his teaching career around March 2010.

That same year he founded Pitanga Dance Group as a platform for promoting authentic Kizomba through teaching and performance with a focus on enriching the student’s learning experience by acknowledging the origins of the music and dance. Eddy is known for a teaching style submerged in history and musicality which he believes are fundamental in producing top quality dancers and he is confident the success of his method is demonstrated each time his students take the dance floor.

Eddy’s interests include reading, playing chess, watching movies, listening to music and while he’s a self-proclaimed futebol fanatic his real passion is traveling the world dancing and teaching others about Kizomba.  Here’s a partial list of countries and festivals where Eddy has taught.

Countries: UK, Jamaica, Croatia, Finland, France, Portugal, Spain, Serbia, USA, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Poland, Estonia, Holland, Russia, Israel

Congresses and Festivals:  Áfricadançar, Batuke, Swimming Festival, Sensual Dance, Feeling Festival, Open Spain, Paris Tentação, Luxembourg International Kizomba Festival, Miami Beach Festival, Mambo City 5 Stars, Pointins, Fitness Weekender, Kent Salsa Festival, Salsa Splash, Salsa Splash Alicante, Bachaturo, and Kizomba Congress in Holland.

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